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A Little Story

About Us

One Day in the middle of quarantine 2020 I was watching all my kiddos run around our yard in the afternoon sunshine. My mind was running on overdrive with ideas... Most of the ideas were veering towards "how can I encourage and help my beautiful babies navigate this new normal we have upon us all?" "What can I do more of that will allow them to grow and persevere even when it feels like you can't?" "Am I teaching them all the important values they need? The list in my head was long. Later that day as I'm standing in our kitchen, my son Seamus runs up and proceeds to hug my leg squeezing tight and says "you are the best mama ever, you know that mama? I love you forever and ever!" I looked down and asked him with an excited tone "Is that so? well, thank you my babe, I love you forever and ever!" He then said he just wanted me to know that, and then ran off to play with his siblings. That moment was just what I needed right then and there. Just an innocent little child expressing his true and purest feelings with no expectations of anything in return, just giving.


So, that was the moment, I stood up and said to myself, I'm going to finish starting the business I brainstormed over and over for years, somehow we can make others feel at least a bit of the happy, loved, genuine feeling my little one just gave to me. I started planning again and have had many bumps in the road, but finally we are making it happen! We are Sea & Ti Threads (pronounced SHAY and TIE, Our littlest ones shortened names), an apparel & accessories company that encourages Love, Kindness, Adventure, Positive Vibes, and a little Humor in everyday life.  With that in mind we decided that we would have different collections that our children have helped design, and each collection will donate a portion of its profits to a different charity. We have FIVE kiddos, so each of our babes have chosen a non-profit organization that means something to them. That's how we decided we would be "Threads that make a difference" 

That's our story!


Keep watching for future updates to see what charities our precious babes have chosen to donate to!



To encourage those around us to believe in themselves and others. To give back to the communities and non-profit organizations.

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